Kinesis Advantage 360 Pro Setup Guide

This keyboard is mostly plug-and-play, but the one thing that bothered me the most was how to get the keyboard working through Bluetooth with a computer.

Switching Bluetooth Profiles

On the keyboard, perform the following to cycle through active Bluetooth profiles:

  • MOD + [1-5] - Note that only the 5 will not emit a light. Other numbers will have a flashing white, blue, green or red light.
  • If the lights on keyboard is flashing, then it is ready to be paired.
  • Just pair it through your OS and hope it all works. I've done this on Ubuntu and Windows so far.

Clearing Bluetooth Profiles

Clear the profile by first selecting the profile you want to clear using MOD + [1-5] - Then hit: MOD + WinKey and things should be cleared and lights should be flashing again.

Troubleshooting Pairing

Yeah, this keyboard is notorious for being hard to pair a computer with using Bluetooth. Good news is that once paired, it becomes pretty easy to switch back and forth.

  • If you cannot pair, just first select the profile and clear the profile.
  • Then in your OS, try to pair again. While it is pairing, you can sometimes force the keyboard to stay active by hitting the SPACEBAR on the control cluster.
  • Hope it works.

If you cannot still get it working, continue to fiddle by turning the keyboard on and off until it works.  ???? -- Sorry that's how it works for now...

Firmware Stuff?

I have no idea about this ZMK stuff. I'm not a custom keyboard guy (yet?). I just bought this keyboard for ergonomics. Maybe doing some firmware update will fix it one day? We'll see when I find the time.