Desktop Linux Adventures: Gaming Thoughts

Although I think gaming in Linux has come a long way in recent years thanks to Steam and its Proton wrapper. I think it still isn't all the way there with the compatibility with games.  (For example. Call of Duty) 🫤

I have a gaming computer sitting on the corner of my dining room, operating headless. It has a Windows 11 installation, and a very nice GPU -- an NVIDIA RTX 4090. I have used Parsec in the past to simulate a VDI scenario for my work where my setup was to connect and work through my workstation (a Xeon, with 2x A4000s) PC remotely, while being on a low power laptop.

I'm thinking whether or not it is feasible as advertised by Parsec to gain the user experience I want in remote gaming within my internal network if I setup my gaming PC as a remote Parsec host utilizing the powerful NVIDIA RTX 4090. 

🤔 -- Taking in some considerations:

  • Will a 1 GBe connection to my gaming PC be enough to handle a 4K stream?
  • How is Parsec on Linux nowadays? What would be the experience on Pop!_OS if I was to game from my main Desktop PC?
  • To look into: Can Parsec stream at high frame rate to give me a good experience on my 144Hz monitor?

We'll see how it goes!