Desktop Linux Adventures: Asahi Linux on My Macbook Air M1

So I installed Asahi Linux on my Macbook Air today. It's just a normal M1, 8GB model and I use it as a lightweight general purpose machine. I'm really interested in seeing progress on getting Linux on Mac working nowadays. I'm still in search for the good desktop Linux experience. 😃

I'm not much of a Fedora guy, and I very much prefer Debian-based distros, but it's all good!

My first and very strong opinion on my fresh install of Asahi is that it is quite fast. I don't even notice that this computer only has 8GB of RAM. Well, to be honest, having only 8GB of memory wasn't a big deal on macOS anyway, but I am just quite surprised that it is pretty much a non-factor.

What am I going to do with this installation? Nothing. I'm just going to use it as an everyday driver outside of work-related activities, and I will report back.

Stay tuned...