Core i7 1165G7 Tigerlake U Tuning Guide for Framework Laptops

Guide last updated: 2022-11-17

The Framework laptop can be a really good laptop for developers. The 28W TDP that the 1165G7 CPU provides can be pretty powerful if not throttled. This is a how you can use ThrottleStop to make sure that the CPU does not throttle and uses the maximum 28W when you really need the power!

You may download ThrottleStop here.

Note: This guide assumes ThrottleStop 9.5, however newer versions will most likely work.

Main Screen

  • Leave High Performance unchecked
  • Check Speed Shift EPP
  • Set Speed Shift EPP to 0
  • Leave Disable Turbo unchecked

TPL (Turbo Power Limit)

To access the TPL controls, from the main screen, click on the TPL button.

  • Check Lock for MMIO
  • Under Power Limit Controls, check Long Power PL1 and Long Power PL2
  • Under Power Limit Controls, check set clamp values to 100 and check Clamp
  • Under Power Limit Controls, Turbo Time Limit should be set to 448
  • Under Miscellaneous, Speed Shift should have min and max values set to 47